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Founded by the researchers with a solid pharmaceutical background, Biosentica Laboratories has emerged as a company specializing in development and manufacturing of innovative wellness products with the focus on anti-aging. At Biosentica, we develop top quality nutraceutical and cosmetic compositions for variety of health needs such as skin and joints support; cardiovascular care; immune system protection and more. We apply the best of the pharmaceutical industry standards to the development of our products in order to ensure their unprecedented quality, nutraceutical bioavailability, and safety. For additional information on our products and business development, please contact us directly.




Biosentica employs a groundbreaking scientific approach of the synergetic enhancement of individual components’ nutraceutical availability to maximize the health benefit of an entire formula. Moreover, each of our formulas consists of top quality ingredients with the well-documented biological role and function. Our compositions are intelligently formulated and stabilized against rapid degradation. This approach makes the ingredients to act in synergy while reinforcing each other’s properties.

Our innovative nutraceuticals are designed to not just nourish and support specific areas of human body, such as skin, joints, or liver – they stimulate the body to restore and maintain a genuine bio equilibrium, helping you to feel and look younger. Along with other vital ingredients, our formulas contain Hyaluronic Acid and Carnosine – vital natural compounds that gained popularity due to their tremendous health benefits. The synergetic approach we use at Biosentica allows us to bring the nutraceutical bioavailability of Hyaluronic Acid and Carnosine to the completely new level.